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Valentine's Day is celebrated as lover's day every year on February 14. It is customary to exchange gifts on this very special day. Flowers expressing love and romance overpower all other gifts on this celebration of love. Only flowers can convey the special message of love to your sweetheart.

The giving of flowers dates back to the 18th century when Charles II of Sweden introduced Europe to the Persian custom of the language of flowers. The rose has become the traditional Valentine's Day flower and the red rose is still well known as the flower of love and passion. The red rose is also the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love, which helped give the red rose its symbolic meaning. When giving roses there are factors such as color and the number of flowers given, that have special meanings.

Roses, particularly red and pink roses, are favorites of sweethearts on Valentine's Day as they have been symbols of love right from Victorian times. But any pink or red flower is a common choice and there is no hard and fast rule as to which flower is to be given on Valentine's Day. You can choose any flower your sweetheart loves most.

Although the rose is the most popular Valentine's Day flower, other flowers such as carnations, tulips, lilies, iris, daffodils, hyacinths, freesias and others are also very popular flowers for Valentine's Day. Consider the personal likes and dislikes of your valentine sweetheart before you choose your floral gift.

When giving roses for Valentine's Day, an Anniversary or other romantic occasion, consider that the roses and the number of flowers you choose carry significant meaning for your sweetheart.

  • The red rose means “I love you”. Additionally, it stands for beauty, courage, and respect.
  • A single rose sends the meaning of “exceptional love”.
  • Thirteen roses convey the idea “You are my secret lover”.
  • A single stem conveys the message “This is a simple fact - you are the only one".
  • Thirty-six stems would mean “My heart belongs to you”.
  • 999 roses stands for “endless love”.
  • White roses indicate true love, innocence, purity, reverence, humility, youthfulness, and charm.
  • A yellow rose with a red tip conveys the meaning “I'm falling in love with you”.
  • A yellow rose conveys the meanings of joy, gladness, friendship, and remembrance.

Send Flowers and Gifts to your Valentine. Be sure your sweetheart knows how you feel.

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