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Pegasus Gifts

Browse our Pegasus collection. Click on your favorite Pegasus T-shirt or gift design to see the t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, Pegasus mugs, infant and toddler apparel and gift items, Pegasus decorative tiles, and other Pegasus merchandise.

Hand Drawn Pegasus T-shirts Hand Drawn Pegasus
Pegasai Pegasai
Space Pegasus Eponan Space Pegasus "Eponan"
Original acrylic painting of Pegasus, titled, 'Eponan' ~ 30x40", by Marc Yale Brinkerhoff 
Posters Pegasus Posters
16" by 20" Roughly the same size as 4 sheets of paper. 
Ladies' Celtic Clothing Ladies' Celtic Clothing
This colorful design features two winged horses in a knot work pattern above the faces of the Sun and Moon. Zoom in! 
Mare and Foal Pegasus Mare and Foal Pegasus
Pegasus with Attitude Pegasus with Attitude
This is a really cute design with some spunk. This baby black Pegasus has a bit of an attitude.
3D Pegasus 3D Pegasus
Cory Pegasus Cory Pegasus
A white Pegasus soars through the perfect sky. Flower petals stream behind her. A pattern of contrasting wing bars flash when she flies. Done in mixed media with a predominantly blue palette 
Pegasus Flying Horse Pegasus Flying Horse
Pegasus Flying Horse. Set before a white background. This is a wonderful artist interpretation of Pegasus Flying Horse Fantasy / Illustration/ Gothic /Mythology. 
Pegasus Alebrijes Pegasus Alebrijes
Original hand drawn Pegasus Alebrijes 
Pegasus on Crystal Mountain Pegasus on Crystal Mountain
Acrylic painting & photo montage by Marc Brinkerhoff 
I Love Pegasus I Love Pegasus
I love Pegasus (heart) t-shirts, stickers, clothes and gifts 
Pretty Light Blue Pegasus Pretty Light Blue Pegasus
Pegasus Pegasus
Pegasus in Autumn Pegasus in Autumn
Pegasus in Autumn
Pegasus Gifts Pegasus Gifts
Pegasus Pegasus
Fantasy art Pegasus design from my original colored pencil illustration 
Ascetic Swap Meet Ascetic Swap Meet
Purple Pegasus
Black Pegasus Black Pegasus
Black Pegasus fantasy art design gift items for the fantasy lover. 
Flying Pegasus Flying Pegasus
Pegasus In Flight Pegasus In Flight
Beautiful white flying Pegasus, the winged horse of mythology. This lovely fantasy design is available on t-shirts, gifts and other apparel. 
Get the majestic flying horse for your wall. 
Pegasus Merchandise Pegasus Merchandise

Memaw's Garden Pegasus Gifts: Pegasus, the Winged Horse, evokes emotion for horse lovers as well as fantasy lovers. Our collection of Pegasus T-shirt and gift art-work features designs of many original artists and graphic designers, brought to you in one location for your shopping convenience. The Pegasus and Fantasy Horse designs featured at Memaw's Garden are available on various t-shirts, gifts, mugs, caps, stickers, totes, posters and prints, and much, much more.

If you're truly an equine lover, we also have horse designs in addition to our Pegasus designs, Unicorn gifts and Unicorn designs. The horse designs and Unicorn designs, just like our Pegasus designs, are available on a selection of gift and apparel items.

Be sure to bookmark Memaw's Garden. We add to and change our selection of designs on a regular basis. If you didn't find quite what you were looking for, Click Here for more Pegasus Gift options.

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