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Back-To-School Backpacks

Shop our selection of backpacks for students. Send your student back to school ready to get back to the basics, with a functional and stylish backpack.

Maxam Polyester Backpack

Maxam Polyester Backpack


Stands 17-1/4" tall with padded back, adjustable shoulder straps, nylon hand strap, and multiple pockets. [Read more]

Store: Allen Marketing Intl inc. d/b/a

The backpacks we offer are from featured merchants, with a full range in style and price. You'll find all sorts of backpacks from the smaller drawstring and sling backpacks, to larger packs suited to the older student. Some are designed with the laptop computer in mind. Your student will head back to school with a selection suitable for their needs for function and for their individual statement of style and personality.

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